Graft: Intervals and Burrowed Stories, 2011
15:54mins Single-Channel, Looped HD Video Projection and Stereo Sound
Sculptural Component: approximately 5' x 1.7' x 8’,
Wood, Sheetrock, Cardboard, Dirt, Clay, Natural Fiber Insulation, Twine,
Glass Jars and Vials, Assorted Organic Material

This sculptural video installation features a worn, transplanted section of a wall. The interior space
unveils a collection of objects. A large-scale HD video projection covers the exterior wall.
The video documents a hermetic woman who “nests” inside of the wall.

"Utilizing close-up shots with a narrow depth of field, Crewe's sculptural video installation resists full resolution,
placing emphasis instead on the corporeal response of the viewer. In the video, the artist presents an antihero:
a hermit or hoarder. The amorphous figure’s unfixed, unidentifiable presence surfaces and retreats from view within
an accumulation of objects." -Rebecca Schlossberg, Curatorial Fellow, Sullivan Galleries, Chicago, Illinois

Watch the video.

Check out objects from inside the wall.

Still Images
graftSTILL1 graftSTILL4 graftSTILL7

graftSTILL8 graftSTILL9 graftSTILL10

Installation View
graftDOC12 mfa-2

mfa-3 crewe_emilie_mfa_1152

mfa mfa-1


*This work was exhibited as a solo exhibition for my MFA thesis at the Sullivan Galleries in Chicago, Illinois, 2011,
and as a solo show at the AC Institute in New York, NY in 2014.

Watch a 3min excerpt of the video.

Check out The School of the Art Institute of Chicago MFA blog:

Installation: Emilie Crewe | Interview with Emilie Crewe